Monday, July 21, 2014

Komodo - Healing - Grant McLaughlin

So I can't really tell whether or not Komodo is currently depowered or not in continuity.  I'm going with a world where that answer is "yes" and she has been for a while.

1 - Low shot.  Melati Kusuma sitting glumly in her wheelchair is the focus of this panel, but the foreground is filled with the legs of people walking by in front of her in either direction.  She is stationary, looking longingly towards these limbs, which (if possible) look kind of like bars of a jail around her.

CAPTION (MELATI): I still miss it sometimes.

2 - Move closer to Melati.  She rubs her legs absentmindedly as she continues to look off into the distance with a frown on her face.  From the background, it's evident that she is in a park of some description.

CAPTION (MELATI): It can be tempting to think that, having lost them a second time, my life is over.

CAPTION (MELATI): That nothing I do will ever make me feel better.

3 - Someone off-panel calls to Melati, causing her to look (with some surprise) over her shoulder towards the source of the sound.

VOICE (off-panel): Melati!

CAPTION (MELATI): But life is about choices.

4 - Switch angles to an over the shoulder view of Melati.  She looks with an evident smile upon a group of women who are ready and waiting to play some wheelchair basketball.

CAPTION (MELATI): And I think it's about time to choose to be happy.

WOMAN: ...are we doing this or what?

MELATI: You better believe it!


  1. This script I really like, seeing her refusing to let her lack of powers disable her ability to 'live', as it were, in addition to disabling her ability to walk.

  2. I think this is what makes the Marvel universe so special, not so much the battle between good and evil, but the triumph over personal adversity. You illustrate this so perfectly in this page. It could have been an easy shot into body horror, an you went for the heart. Well done page, Grant...

  3. I second all of the above. I also quite liked the pacing here. Good job, man!

  4. A rare, positive look at a disabled person. Very refreshing.

  5. Great work Grant. I can see that first panel being a hard one for an artist to pull off, but you have nailed the rest of the script!


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