Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lobster Johnson - Better Dead Than Red - J.D. Coughlan

Lobster, investigating a high-profile kidnapping, follows a lead to an abandoned warehouse, finding nothing there.

Panel 1: Lobster whips around swiftly at the sound of a voice, poised for attack.

GREEN (O.P.): Apologies for misleading you, Mr. Johnson...

Panel 2: Three men in suits enter the room. The middle one, Agent Green, holds his hands up calmly. Lobster remains guarded.

GREEN: But your government needs your expertise in helping with a matter of national security.

LOBSTER: Who the hell are you?

Panel 3: Close up on Agent Green. He smiles fakely. The other two agents remain stone-faced in the background.

GREEN: Agent Green, FBI.

Panel 4: Wide shot of the room. Lobster relaxes a little, but not much.

GREEN: The House Un-American Activities Committee is dealing with a few difficult individuals who are a threat to our way of life. Someone with your skills would be of great use.

Panel 5: Close on Lobster. He sneers in disgust.

LOBSTER: Forget it. I don't do Uncle Sam's dirty work.

Panel 6: All three agents in panel, drawing their handguns.

GREEN: I think you'll reconsider, Mr. Johnson. Otherwise, you'll start to look pretty red yourself. And red lobsters, well... they're ready to cook.



  1. Well that's certainly not creepy at all...

  2. Ooo! Nice set-up, and that last line is killer. Perfect mix of pun and pulp, with just the right dose of foreboding. I'm sold.


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