Sunday, July 6, 2014

Lobster Johnson - The More Things Change - Grant McLaughlin

Late 1950s New York City.  Harry McTell, the last remaining member of the Lobster's crew, has returned from the war (the Korean in this instance) and is looking at the (now derelict) warehouse that used to be the crew's base of operations.

1 - Inside the empty warehouse.  Harry McTell stands alone in the space.  He wears his air force uniform, standing with crutches to support himself (seeing as he lost a leg while overseas).  He wears a pensive expression on his face.


2 - Flashback to the late 1930s (maybe in a sepia tone to emphasize to emphasize the fact).  Harry stands in the same position, but while he's younger (and with both legs), he looks tired.  He is also not alone, as the Lobster stands next to him, gesturing at the space they stand in.  The warehouse looks to be in the process of being packed up.  It remains relatively empty, with lots of boxes lying around and some bigger objects covered by sheets.

LOBSTER (1): That's all that's left.

LOBSTER (2): We used to fill this place with activity.

LOBSTER (3): With hope.

LOBSTER(4): With life.

3 - Move closer in to our two characters.  They almost seem to be looking past each other, both lost in thought.

LOBSTER: Now it's just ghosts and echoes of what used to be.

4 - The Lobster starts to walk away from Harry.  Harry looks and gestures after him.

HARRY: What are you saying, boss?

LOBSTER: I won't have anyone else dying in my place.

5 - The Lobster keeps walking away, bringing him close to the front of the panel (and taking up a good portion of the space).  Harry stands in the background, slumping his shoulders.

LOBSTER: Goodbye, Harry.

6 - Back to the (1950s) present.  Harry holds a similar position to the previous panel.  While the Lobster is obviously gone, another man stands near Harry.  A realtor, he is a young man, dressed relatively well, holding a clipboard in his hands.  He looks tentatively in Harry's direction.

REALTOR (1): Are you sure you want this property, Mr. McTell?

REALTOR (2): There's nothing here.

HARRY: That's alright...

7 - Close in on Harry.  He looks at the warehouse interior, a smile on his face.  The empty space is filled with ghosted images of various 1950s objects and items, as Harry imagines how the warehouse could look when once set up as a new base of operations.

HARRY: I have a pretty good idea of what could go in its place.

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