Friday, July 4, 2014

Moose Kid - A Jug with Large Handles - R.A. Wonsowski


Panel 1- MOOSE KID sits at the breakfast table as he pours himself a bowl of Sugar-Frosted Cocoa Bombs.

MOOSE KID: Mr. Jacobs says that marriage isn't just a word, it's a sentence...

Panel 2- MOOSE KID splashes milk from a glass bottle over his cereal.

MOOSE KID: Mr. Fahey told me that marriage is an institution, and it's run by the inmates.

Panel 3- MOOSE KID spoons cereal into his mouth.

MOOSE KID: My Spanish teacher, Mr. Velez, taught us that the word for wives, esposas, is the same as the word for handcuffs.

Panel 4- MOOSE KID talks with his mouth full, spooning more cereal.

MOOSE KID: And Mr. Gibbons says that wives are great, but you have to cook'em just right.

Panel 5- POV shift, we see MOOSE KID has been sitting across the table from ME, who is wearing a Deadpool mask pouring bourbon into a cup of coffee. The WIFE is standing behind me holding a cast iron skillet like a baseball bat.

MOOSE KID: Boy, you sure are bitter when you have writer's block, mister.

ME: Here, know why wedding rings are circular? 'Cause it never #@&%ing ends...

WIFE: Oh, honey...

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