Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Warriors Three – Friendly Duel – MK Stangeland Jr.

(7 Panels)

Panel 1: A minor hall in ASGARD. VOLSTAGG sits at a table with a beer in one hand and a very large piece of meat on a stick in the other.

FANDRAL and HOGUN stand in front of the table. Neither looks fully outfitted for battle, but are prepped for a friendly bout against each other. FANDRAL is shirtless and wields an Asguardian-style Rapier, while Hogun wields a blunted mace and still has a comfortably-fitting shirt on.

FANDRAL: Are you sure you don’t want in on this, Volstagg?

VOLSTAGG (1): I am already in a duel, good friend!

VOLSTAGG (2): A duel with my lunch! Ha ha!

Panel 2: HOGUN readies his mace as he prepares to swing it. FANDRAL does not look worried.

HOGUN: Are you sure you want to fight with your shirt off?

FANDRAL: Why? Are you jealous?

HOGUN: I’d hate to ruin your body for you.

Panel 3: HOGUN ‘punches’ forwards with his mace. FANDRAL easily dodges to the side, though the mace looks as though it only misses him by a small margin.


FANDRAL: That would require you be able to hit me, good sir!

Panel 4: FANDRAL swings his blade at HOGUN, an attack that HOGUN easily deflects with his mace.

HOGUN: Your overflowing self-assurance will be your undoing.

FANDRAL: Always with the grim perspective, eh?

Panel 5: The cleanly-licked stick that was holding VOLSTAGG’s meat flies from off-panel and smacks FANDRAL in the face. HOGUN watches in surprise.

SFX: smack!


Panel 6: HOGUN gets knocked over as VOLSTAGG slams into him stomach-first.



Panel 7: FANDRAL and HOGUN lie on the ground. VOLSTAGG stands over the both of them, looking quite pleased with himself. FANDRAL and HOGAN have a look of mild annoyance at the situation of things.

VOLSTAGG: Sorry, good friends, but I finished my first duel, and thought I would join yours!



  1. Some good pacing and the ending was a nice touch. My only constructive comment would be to tighten up the dialogue. You have over explained a couple of times (such as Volstagg commenting on being in a duel with his lunch - the art shows us that he is eating his lunch so the line is redundant'). Other than this good work!

  2. I agree with Ben about the dialogue, but otherwise a great little comedy piece. And it shows that you should never underestimate Volstagg.

  3. I will echo the above comments on diaolgue tightening, but I will also reiterate an appreciation for the light-hearted nature of this script. Fandral and Hogun have some nice back and forth, and Volstagg's entry towards the end makes for a nice finish.


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