Friday, July 18, 2014

Warriors Three - Snipe Hunt - R.A. Wonsowski

Panel 1- Standing under a streetlight, trying to look inconspicuous in trench coats, cheap suits, and sunglasses are HOGUN, VOLSTAGG, and FANDRAL (HOGUN and VOLSTAGG are still wearing their headgear). JÀNE FOSTER has walked past them, has jolted herself to a stop midstride.


Panel 2- JANE has turned, scratching her head, talking the three, who are trying to act nonchalant.

JANE: Volstagg, what are you guys doing?

VOLSTAGG: SHH! We are, as you say, under the covers. Out on a stake.

Panel 3- JANE facepalms as VOLSTAGG pulls a pair of opera glasses from his coat pocket. FANDRALL turns to her to explain as HOGUN looks off-panel.

JANE: Oh for the love of...

FANDRALL: Loki told us of a great beast that escaped his dungeon. He called it a "snipe", a giant fanged cow that breathes blue fire and glows purple when spooked...

Panel 4- HOGUN points off panel, VOLSTAGG looks in the same direction through the tiny glasses. JANE is exasperated as FANDRALL continues.

FANDRALL: It must be found before Odin, Father of All, discovers its absence...

JANE: Guys! The god of mischief sent you on a snipe hunt! There's no such thing as a...

(Off-Panel) CRASH!

Panel 5- All four step back as the SNIPE, exactly as FANDRALL described, charges across panel. Recently torn off flashing police car lights are impaled on its horns.


Panel 6- VOLSTAGG grins, seething with excitement as FANDRALL draws his sword to go after the snipe. HOGUN follows grimly as JANE puts her head down and walks off on the opposite direction.

VOLSTAGG: The hunt is on!

JANE: I'm going home...

HOGUN: Loki has much to answer for...

(Off-Panel) CRASH!!!

SNIPE (Off-Panel): MOOOO!!


  1. This script gets better with each panel, starting with the ridiculous imagery of the three trying to remain disguised all the way to the reveal that they're not actually being had.

  2. Nice. I like it.
    My only comment is that Jane is pretty much only here as a reason for exposition, and the set up for the gag. Perhaps having Volstagg and Fandrall dressed up and Hogun in civvies (and also the sceptical one of the group) you could have tightened up the script a bit more, but also shown a bit more of the character of each Warrior.

  3. This is a page right out of Roger Langridge's Thor: The Mighty Avenger. I can really see Chris Samnee drawing it. Excellent comedy pacing and visuals, with a funny reveal too.

  4. Like everyone else, I must proclaim myself a big fan of this one, Ray. It likely speaks to my sense of comedic timing more than anything, but I would be tempted to finish this one on panel 5, leaving it to the reader to react on their own (potentially in a manner similar to Jane :P).


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