Sunday, July 13, 2014

Warriors Three - To Hel and Back - J.D. Coughlan

Thor has been tricked by Hela, queen of the underworld, and has now become her eternal prisoner. The Warriors Three journey to Hel to free him.

Panel 1: Wide shot. The Warriors Three stand in the barren wasteland that is Hel, before Hela sat on her throne, above them. Their weapons are drawn.

HELA: What's this? You come to my kingdom of the dead to parlay with me for Thor's freedom?

Panel 2: Group shot of the threesome. Fandral stands in the middle, holding his sword low, a smug grin on his face. Volstagg and Hogun brandish their weapons closely, serious expressions.

FANDRAL: Nay, Queen Hela. We come to correct an injustice.

VOLSTAGG: Aye! And we shall do so by tongue or by steel. Your choice, witch.

FANDRAL: I assure you, I am talented with both.

Panel 3: Wide shot again. Hela raises her hand, and zombie-like creatures are rising from the dirt. The Warriors stand tightly together, facing out, on guard with their weapons.

HELA: You think you three have the might to defeat my legions of the dead? Three of you, against every soul that has ever lived?

Panel 4: Close on the trio. Hogun faces Hela now, but Fandral and Volstagg look over their shoulders at her. All have determination in their eyes.

HOGUN: For our brother-in-arms, we shall fight til our last breaths. And then, when time and age claim us and send us to your damned dominion, we shall take up the fight again, until Ragnarock itself. But we shall not leave here without Thor.

HOGUN: Know this, or, by all means, test it.



  1. A nice look at the bravery and loyalty of the Warriors Three. I like that, although each one gets a small moment to shine, you gave Hogun the lion's share of the work here. I feel like his taciturn nature makes it easy to overlook the character, so I'm glad to see the opposite occur.

  2. I concur with Grant. You showed their fearlessness, and gave Fanrdral the best line.
    Only criticism would be Hogun's speech in Panel 4 is a little wordy. Cut it down a bit and you are on a winner.

    1. Agreed. This may be the most words ever strung together by Hogun ever. On the whole, this is reminiscent of the best of Simonson's era: the high concept valiant facing down of impossible odds. Well plotted page, JD.


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