Sunday, July 13, 2014

Why the Warriors Three?

All good superhero series need a strong supporting cast. Characters who serve as sounding boards for the main hero, whether as allies or annoyances. The Warriors Three are somewhere in the middle. Created especially for Marvel and not based on any Norse mythological figures, they do still draw influence from famous actors at the time of their inception (the 1960s).

Volstagg (behind), Fandral (L), Hogun (R)
Hogun -- Grim, stone-faced and a man of few words, he is the fighter of the group, and the most serious. Hogun is the one to really be afraid of. Not one of the Asgardians, he does not possess their typical godly gifts, but his determination in battle would make you think otherwise. He is loosely based on Charles Bronson.

Fandral -- The dashing, suave, ladies' man of the trio. An adventure-seeker, he often puts glory and reputation before reality. But he his foppish behaviour hides his swashbuckling skill, and he should not be underestimated. He is loosely based on Errol Flynn.

Volstagg -- Known as Volstagg the Voluminous for his sheer size alone, he truly is a powerful presence. He has a hearty appetite for life
, battle, and, of course, food. But he has a stout soul as well. Just like Hogun's heritage and Fandral's attitude, Volstagg's figure can be misleading. He can easily match his cohorts in combat, if not exceed them, and will not turn from a fight. He is loosely based on Orson Welles' performance of Shakespeare's Falstaff.

With these three covering the trifecta of characterisation, they are a writer's dream team. Each one will react to any given situation almost completely differently, and all possible personality types are represented. And while the Warriors Three may seem like a comedy triple act on the surface, when the shit hits the fan, you can see why Thor chooses to ride into battle with these guys at his side.

Truly, they are mighty warriors

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