Sunday, August 17, 2014

Andrew Bennett - I, Last - Arby Moay


Panel 1
Day. We are in a forest. While the trees and grass are still green, there are now signs of rot in some places. We look over the entrance of a big cave, dark on the inside. Andrew Bennett is walking towards the cave with a dead rat in his hands. No other animal should be seen anywhere else.

CAPTION: Before all this...

Panel 2
Inside the cave, Andrew Bennett drops the rat and sits down, half of his body consumed in the shadow of the cave. He looks solemn, and a little gaunt.

CAPTION: The world's most heinous criminals, outside of Gotham and Metropolis, sentenced with the capital punishment often get to request what their last meal is.

Panel 3
Andrew Bennett picks up the dead rat and dangles it in front of himself. He shows his fangs, ready to eat.

CAPTION: I murdered the entire planet, including the masks and aliens that run and fly around it.

Panel 4
Close tight on Andrew Bennett's mouth as he bites the rat's head of.

CAPTION: And this is all I get before I starve to death...


  1. I'm digging the more detail i n the panels Arby. Definately sets the scene a lot clearer in my mind. I think with this page you could start it with Andrew sitting in the cave. Holding the rate, then dropping the rat, then looking at the rat before biting is redundant. Perhaps even have him sitting, with the rat scattering around and Andrew hesitant to catch it, but in the end he has to.

  2. Wait, he killed EVERYONE? I'd really have to see that actually happen - and it would have to be done really, really well - for me to believe that he'd be capable of actually killing EVERYONE.


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