Friday, August 22, 2014

Andrew Bennett - Into the Woods - Travis M. Holyfield

Panel 1: A forest in winter. Andrew Bennett surveys a scene of carnage. A body lies before him, twisted and broken, discarded carelessly. There is blood, bright against the snow. Bennett is wearing an overcoat, the collar turned up.

Panel 2: Bennett's POV. Two sets of human (vampire, anyway) footprints lead away from the body, into the darkness of the forest, and the swirling snow.

ANDREW BENNETT (Caption): Two of them. The snow is starting to fill in their tracks. That means a good head start.

ANDREW BENNETT (Caption): I'll never catch them on foot.

Panel 3: Bennett shrugs his overcoat off. He is bare-chested underneath. (For the ladies. And some of the fellas.)

ANDREW BENNETT (Caption): Not on two feet, anyway.

Panel 4: Bennett crouches down on all fours, his form beginning to blur and shift.

ANDREW BENNETT (Caption): Changing shape is painless. There's no rending or twisting. No tortured gnashing of bones reknitting.

Panel 5: The blurring form resolves itself as a huge wolf. The markings on the wolf's fur match the colors of Bennett's hair.

ANDREW BENNETT (Caption): It's like having a word on the tip of your tongue and the sweet relief of recalling it.

 Panel 6: Wolf-Bennett runs off into the forest, pursuing his prey.

ANDREW BENNETT (Caption): You aren't a man becoming a wolf.

ANDREW BENNETT (Caption): You're a wolf remembering that it isn't a man.


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  1. Travis - your dialogue here is masterful. And that is the focus of the script. The murder is simply a backdrop from which you can tell the story of change. Awesome work dude. Hitting the ground running! (pun, as always totally intended).


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