Thursday, August 21, 2014

Andrew Bennett - To Catch a Thief - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: A dark bedroom. It is night outside the open window, with the curtains flowing in the breeze. There is a body in the bed, under the sheets. In the dark corner, a face is half-illuminated. It is Skinner Sweet (from American Vampire). His eyes are cruel and he bares his fangs in a grin.

SWEET: (small) Never smile at a crocodile...

Panel 2: Skinner walks out of the dark corner, towards the bed, still grinning wickedly.

SWEET: (small) Don't be taken in by his welcome grin...

Panel 3: Over Skinner's shoulder as he looms over the bed, reaching out a hand to the sheet. We cannot see who is in the bed in the darkness.

SWEET: (small) He's imagining you inside his skin...

SWEET: (small) No, you

Panel 4: The sheet thrown back to reveal Andrew Bennett. He grins and points a revolver (loaded with gold bullets, of course) at Skinner.




  1. This. Just this. Wow JD. Script of the week for me.
    Skinner reciting the child's poem conjures up images that the room could belong to a child - giving Skinner a creepy vibe. Of course you know where the twist was headed, but that is what makes it so damn cool - you want the pay off, and you give it. That's the thing with twist endings, sometimes when executed simply and well it pays off more than a complete 180 degree shock. Fantastic script mate.


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