Monday, August 18, 2014

Andrew Bennett - Would You Ever? - Ben Rosenthal

1.  A vast ocean.  There is no land in sight.  in the middle of it is a small raft.  It has been pieced together by wreckage.  It has a sail erected, but it is joined to the main raft area - it is acting as shade, not as a sail.

CAPTION (Andrew)
This is why we don't travel.

2.  A reveal of  the person on the raft - it is Andrew Bennett looking gaunt.  Scorch marks can be seen on his face and naked torso from where the sun has pierced through the sail during the heat of the day.

CAPTION (Andrew)
When I was young, I remember playing a game of 'Would you ever' with classmates.

"Would you ever kiss a teacher?  Would you ever drink your own pee?" Stuff like that.

3.  Andrew is looking at his hand.  He is weakened.

CAPTION (Andrew)
Right now....

4.  Andrew is biting his ring finger off.

5.  A wide panel, with Andrew drinking his own blood from his severed finger.

CAPTION (Andrew)
...I'd kiss Mrs 'Moleface' Maquire.


  1. I dig the visual here, Ben. I especially love the fact that he bites off the ring finger. Nice touch.
    One thing, though, is that DC's Vamps don't generally get burned by the sun, but rather just get weakened. More my fault, really, as I damn missed mentioning that on the Why post. Sorry,

  2. I'm a touch confused by the viability of him trying to drink his own blood - while I get trying to show that he's pretty weakened, the idea of trying to recycle 'yourself' seems like it would turn into perpetual motion machine if it didn't wear out very, very quickly. Which doesn't seem like it jives with what appears to be Bennett being trapped out at sea for a long period of time.


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