Saturday, August 30, 2014

(Evil) Ryu - Cowardice - Arby Moay

Panel 1
External. We are in a Japanese-style garden. It is daylight, but it is dark because of a heavy rain. We look at Evil Ryu walking towards us. He is talking, angry. His eyes and aura glow red. His purple gi is torn and we can see some scorch marks on it.

Evil Ryu: You have the gall to call me a coward?

Panel 2
Zoom closer to Evil Ryu so we see only half of his body. He is still angrily talking to us (readers). The red glow in his eyes is now a darker red but more radiant, same as his fiery aura which now seems to also be burning the tiny little raindrops.

Evil Ryu: Look into my eyes and proclaim me a villain?
Evil Ryu: See where it got you!

Panel 3
Reveal Ken Masters as the person Evil Ryu was addressing. Ken is lying dead on the ground and very bloody. His gi is gone, save for the pants. He has scorch marks all over him, even burning out some of his hair. If possible, there should also be nearby lightning in the background.

Evil Ryu: Is not death the most cowardly state?



  1. Love that last line. Good page Arby!

  2. Ooo. Now there's some atmosphere. Nice build and killer (pardon the pun) reveal. And Ben's right, that is a great final line.


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