Saturday, August 2, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy - Mudered You - Arby Moay

Panel 1
Tight on a green-skinned cyclopean alien. He just got his brains blasted by one of Rocket's guns.

Rocket (OP): Blam! --
Quill (OP): --don't say it.

Panel 2
We are in a hallway, inside a ship. Peter Quill and Rocket Raccoon are hiding behind some rubble while two other green-skinned cyclops fire on them with blasters.

Rocket: What? Why?
Quill: It's kinda bad.
Rocket: "Bad"? Quill, it's a great catch phrase!
Quill: Debatable. But what I mean is that it kinda implies that we're here to murder these guys--
Rocket: --I am here to murder these guys!

Panel 3
Same. Gamora has just dropped behind the aliens.

Quill: --instead of saving the Draekkarian dignitaries.
Rocket: What's the difference?
Quill: Well, one implies that we're heroes, the other implies that we're criminals.

Panel 4
Same. Gamora beheads the two aliens with one swoop of a sword.

Rocket: Quill, I am a criminal! --
Quill: --no--
Rocket: --and so are you!
Quill: No, I'm--Well, yeah we are. But that's not--
Rocket: --what?
Quill: It's not--

Panel 5
Same. Gamora stands before Quill and Rocket. Quill looks up at her.

Gamora: --Quill.
Quill: Done?
Gamora: Yes.
Quill: Alright. We'll continue our discussion on the next hallway full of baddies.
Rocket: Fine.


  1. I like it. "Murdered you" always struck me as a pretty ridiculous catchphrase, so having an equally ridiculous conversation about it between Quill and Rocket only makes sense in my mind.

    Nice touch with the background business of Gamora taking care of their immediate alien problem.

  2. I like the banter here. You have their voices down.
    However, I do feel that the panels need more descriptors here. Spell it out for us (and the artist) as to what you want to see.


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