Friday, August 1, 2014

Guardians Of The Galaxy - Q Fast Q Furious - Niel Jacoby

Full Splash: We see Q of the Q in the Guardians Of The Galaxy's home base, Knowhere. The team is shocked to see this unknown interloper, while Rocket is shooting a laser rifle at him. Q is unimpressed, as we can see the lasers have gone, and are going, straight through him. Q has tried to blend in sartorially with the rest of the crew, leading to a garish outfit that mixes every outfit on the ship, including Groot's.

Q: Are you quite done? Because if you don't think something as miniscule as the future of this entire galaxy is more important than a little target practice for your pet here, I can find some other group of outlaws to help out.

Star-Lord: ...I'm listening. And stop it, Rocket.

Rocket: I don't wanna!


  1. Question: is this the movie crew or the comics? Because I find the idea of Q in Mantis's hula skirt strangely hilarious...

    What I love is that you have Q down solid. I could hear John deLancie's delivery clearly, and his consideration of Rocket is dead on. Short but sweet.

  2. 2 Fast 2 Furious references are always aces in my books, so I was on board to begin with.

    I'm not as familiar with Q and Star Trek in general, so I can't comment on that portion, but I do enjoy Quill and Rocket's short exchange here. Feels appropriately irreverent, which is what the Guardians should be all about.

  3. I don't think a full page splash works here. They are used sparingly to create impact for a big moment - an emotion shot to a character or a reveal. Here it just looks like you couldn't be bothered writing a couple of panels to get any kind of pacing out of it.


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