Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ryu - Blazing Surge Fist- Travis M. Holyfield

Panel 1: Ryu stands in classic "Hadouken" pose, leaning forward, both fists thrust towards the audience.

CAPTION: Force: 3200 psi.

Panel 2: Close up on a shimmering blue energy sphere of pure Ki  as it erupts from Ryu's hands.

CAPTION: Velocity: 200 mph.

Panel 3: Ryu is a blur in the background as the blue energy sphere bursts into flames, creating wavering heat haze around it.

CAPTION: Combustion point: 1200 degrees Celsius.

Panel 4: Bison, hit squarely by the fireball, writhes in pain, surrounded by a field of flame.

CAPTION Hadouken.


  1. This is definitely an unconventional script and an unconventional look at fighting game moves in general, but I think it works regardless of how 'accurate' it is simply because it puts a fun, new spin on how to look at things.

  2. It's a little half-ass just because I'm moving this weekend, but I legitimately spent an hour or so online researching the possible physics behind the Hadouken. There's actually a physics paper on how a gasoline soaked baseball could be made into one. Because science, I guess.

    1. I can believe it. There's an ABSURD amount of writing out there about the 'real life" science behind everything from Star Wars to Star Trek, so for someone to write up a paper on something like a Hadouken must seem like small potatoes.

  3. I love this type of stuff. And not half-assed at all Travis. Only thing I would change is basing it on the Super Street Fighter 2 intro screen, and have Ryu throwing the fireball at the reader, with Panel 4 being completely white.

  4. A simple but effective page, Travis. The build is well paced and while the "reveal" is somewhat telegraphed (obviously), it still works well.


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