Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Creeper – Interview With a Batman – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: JACK RYDER sits in a chair with a smug look on his face. In the foreground, hidden behind a chair and looking across his desk at RYDER, is his TV PRODUCER.

PRODUCER (1): This can’t be real! You managed to interview BATMAN, of all people?!

JACK RYDER: Believe it.

PRODUCER (2): How did you even pull that off?!

Panel 2: The streets of GOTHAM - CREEPER is sitting on top of the BATMOBILE as BATMAN is getting into the vehicle.

CREEPER: How to acquire all your expensive technology?

BATMAN: None of your business.

Panel 3: BATMAN is chasing after JOKER. CREEPER is trying to follow behind BATMAN. JOKER is trying to flee from them both, but mostly trying to get away from CREEPER.

CREEPER: How do you sleep when all the criminals you put away get back on the streets so easily?

BATMAN: I don’t have time for this!

Panel 4: BATMAN and CREEPER are both chained to a rocket. BATMAN doesn’t have his utility belt, but looks like he’s getting out some other hidden gadget that will help the both of them escape.

In the background, RIDDLER and THE PENGUIN are watching alongside a number of PENGUIN HENCHMEN as they anticipate the end of both the heroes.

CREEPER: How do you manage to prepare for every eventuality?

BATMAN: I’m trying to concentrate here.

Panel 5: BATMAN and CREEPER are on top of a warehouse. BATMAN has turned to CREEPER and is pointing at him, looking even more grim and moody than usual.

CREEPER: With Gotham’s crime rate, why do we never see heroes from other cities helping you clean up the streets?

BATMAN: I am warning you, I am formulating your defeat as I speak.

Panel 6: Return to the situation of PANEL 1, where JACK RYDER is once again seated across from his unseen producer. He still has his smug look on his face, and is presently pointing to his head.

JACK RYDER: The trick was to look past what was coming out of his mouth to decipher what he was actually saying.



  1. Ha! Excellent script here, MK. You have a great setup, a solid conclusion, and plenty of exceedingly amusingly moments in between. "I am formulating your defeat as I speak" reads a little awkardly, but everything else is a tiny moment of comedy gold. Good stuff.

  2. Reminds me of the old Jim Aparo "Brave and the Bold". On a second read, it would also work for the B&B cartoon, walking that fine line between child-like wish fulfillment and grownup sophistication. Really fun script, MK...


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