Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Creeper - The Madding Crowd, Part 1 - R.A. Wonsowski

OK, so I decided to try my hand at another multi-parter, kinda like I did last year with Hellcat, Galactus, and Armor, but a little longer (hopefully). Call me crazy...

PAGE ONE Layout:

Panel 1- JACK RYDER is sitting at a table in a nice-but-not-overly-posh restaurant. The other chair at his table for two is empty, and the tablecloth is cleared except for an empty coffee cup and saucer at the empty place, and a fresh one at JACK's elbow. An older MAN IN A SUIT walks away from JACK'S table, and JACK watches as the MAN brushes his fingertips on a rubberbanded manila file (thick, but not to bursting) that he is leaving behind.

CAPTION (Jack):  Something amiss at the new med wondercompany, MetaPharma...

Panel 2- On top of the papers inside the open manila file is the annual report for MetaPharma. The cover has a photo of two men in suits and white lab coats. One is older, bald and wearing small frameless glasses, the other is a little younger, his goatee waxed pointed and straight.

CAPTION (Jack):  Very amiss if these two are still alive. Dr. Yatz, the man responsible for making me the Creeper...

Panel 3- Close-up of JACK looking over his shoulder as the glass of a window breaks behind him.

CAPTION (Jack):  ...and Dr. Skolos, the demon-shrink that made us insane...
SoundFX: KriSHH!

Panel 4- Mid-shot of JACK being yanked from his chair by a large, glowing and translucent giant fist (which should be inked with heavy hash strokes). JACK struggles against its grip.

(Off-Panel): I know she's here. You will tell me...

Panel 5- Zoom in a touch, but same POV as panel 4. It looks as if the CREEPER is being split from and torn out of the face of JACK RYDER by glowing tendrils (drawn similarly to the fist).

(Off-Panel): of you...

Panel 6: We see JACK and the CREEPER are separated and held above the floor suspended by the glowing translucent fists. They are now revealed to be projections of madness emanating from the sleeves of the lava-lamp-like duster coat of SHADE THE CHANGING MAN (he should look like his early Chris Bachalo Vertigo days, long red hair, facial stubble, etc.). SHADE is insanely furious, screaming, standing amidst upended tables and shattered glass.  The CREEPER is grimly struggling aloft, but JACK is wide-eyed and cackling maniacally.

SHADE: Where is Kathy George?!?

....see you next week...


  1. Packing a lot in here, Mr. Wonsowski. On the one hand, it's hard to ignore the hook of so much info in such little space, but on the other, it threatens to be overwhelming - both on a pure informational level and the actual physical confines of a a single page. If an artist could fit this all on a single page, it would be a fascinating start to what seems to be some mighty interesting mysteries.

    Someone clearly knows their Creeper mythos though and has packed a ton of it into a single page that acts as a pretty good hook. I'll be interested to see how this plays out.

  2. If this was a full issue, panel five would make a great end to page one, allowing panel 6 to be a great splash page.

    Awesome, colour me intrigued.

  3. It was fun to see you try your hand at interconnecting your scripts before, and I was kind of disappointed when it dropped off. So I am glad to see you giving it another go - you've got more guts for this kind of idea than I do!


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