Friday, September 12, 2014

Invisible Woman – Indomitable – Travis M. Holyfield

Panel 1: Susan Richards, The Invisible Woman, stands facing Mentallo. Her fists are clenched, and her mouth is set in a determined grimace. Beads of sweat dot her forehead. Mentallo's helmet emits a (Kirby) crackle of energy.

MENTALLO: You're only hurting yourself, Mrs. Richards.

MENTALLO: A.I.M. has improved my psycho-helmet. It's boosting my powers to levels even Charles Xavier never reached.

Panel 2: Focus on Mentallo's face. His helmet continues to pulse with energy as he smiles a cocksure grin.

MENTALLO: Please just open your husband's lab for me, before your brain dissolves into taffy.

Panel 3: Continuation of previous panel. Mentallo's helmet continues to pulse, but he's no longer smiling. Sweat is starting to pour down his face, and he looks panicked.

MENTALLO: How.. how are you resisting? It's...

MENTALLO Your willpower... Never seen anything like...

Panel 4: Susan thrusts her hands towards Mentallo. A cylinder of invisible force extends from her hands to smash Mentallo against a wall.



Panel 5: Sue takes a moment to collect herself. She leans against a wall, breathing deeply. Mentallo lies in a crumpled heap on the floor.


SUSAN RICHARDS: I've been married to Reed Richards for ten years and I haven't smothered him in his sleep with a pillow.

Panel 6: Susan steps over Mentallo's unconscious body, striding boldly towards her next challenge.

SUSAN RICHARDS: You have NO idea what willpower is.


  1. I really dig this, Travis. An excellent look at Sue's strength as a character, with a solid build throughout. My one suggestion would be to perhaps change Sue collecting herself in panel 5. It might be a tad much for showing how amazing / strong she is, but for a one-pager, your dialogue would almost lead one to expect it.


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