Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ms. Marvel - Biggest Fan - Travis M. Holyfield

Splash Page with four inset panels. Inset panels are circular and are located at (1) top-right corner, (2) center-left, (3) center-right, and (4) bottom-left. Reading order on the inset panels is designed to replicate Kamala's "lightning bolt" insignia.

Splash Page: Exterior, daytime. A New Jersey street corner. Ms. Marvel, KAMALA KHAN, is fighting THE SANDMAN. They have both grown in size. Sandman's lower torso is a wave of sand, whirling around Kamala's legs. He throws a punch, his hand in the form of a giant sand-hammer, which she avoids by bending out of the way. At the same time she is also throwing a punch, her fist growing into one of her trademark giant KAMALA-FISTS, which puffs harmlessly through Sandman's chest.

Inset Panel 1: Close-up of Ms. Marvel, speaking. She is highly animated and visibly excited.


MS. MARVEL: I know I'm geeking out! I'm sorry! But you're THE ACTUAL SANDMAN!

Inset Panel 2: Another close-up. Ms. Marvel continues to speak, excitedly waving her hands for emphasis.

MS. MARVEL: You were part of the Sinister Six! You worked with the Enforcers! And Hydro-Man! You fight Spider-Man ALL THE TIME!

Inset Panel 3: Close-up of Sandman, looking confused and oddly flattered.

SANDMAN: Wow. So you're, like, what? My biggest fan?

Inset Panel 4: Close-up on Ms. Marvel throwing one of her giant punches.

MS. MARVEL: What? Oh, no. Not your fan. SPIDER-MAN'S fan.

MS. MARVEL: What's he like in real life?


  1. This is a pretty clever page all the way around, from the layout to the choreography to the punch line. A great set up with everything I like about Kamala, especially her sass and her unbridled enthusiasm. Nice page, Travis.

  2. I really dig this layout, Travis. A smart, efficient way to benefit from the splash page while also getting quite a bit of story down too. It also helps that you have a strong / adorable concept to back it all up.


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