Monday, September 29, 2014

Ms. Marvel - It's Not Easy - Grant McLaughlin

I'm leaping ahead (pardon the pun) (you'll get what I mean in a moment) and looking at what the moment where Kamala reveals her secret identity to Nakia might look like.  I imagine that it probably won't play out this way in the book, but a man can dream.

1 - Outside shot of Nakia's house.  Night time.

CAPTION (KAMALA): Hopefully she'll take it as well as you did.

NAKIA (from within house): Get.  Out.

2 - Kamala and Nakia are sitting on a couch.  Nakia looks surprised and amazed.  Kamala is in her Ms. Marvel uniform (sans mask), wearing a big, proud smile and nodding her head repeatedly (in the cartoony vein that Adrian Alphona sometimes uses - exaggerated expression, ghosted images of Kamala's head in various parts of the nod to show how quickly she's doing it, and so forth).

NAKIA (1): You're Ms. Marvel.

NAKIA (2): My best friend, Kamala Khan, is Ms. Marvel

3 - Nakia springs into excited action, latching onto one of Kamala's arms as she peppers her with questions.  Kamala is taken by surprised by this turn of events.

NAKIA: Are you part of the Avengers?  Have you met Spider-Man?  Did they give you a signal watch to get in touch whenever trouble calls?

KAMALA: Whoa, slow down, Nakia!  Not an Avenger.  Haven't met Spider-Man, but Wolverine is nice.  And I have no idea what this signal watch thing is.  It's not like trouble just falls out of the sky.

4 - In similar positions to last panel, Nakia and Kamala stop their conversation and look towards the basement window due to a loud sound outside.  Nakia looks in worry and surprise; Kamala looks with determination, polymorphing her mask into existence (Visibility?  Either way, it's in the process of showing up here.).


NAKI (quietly): What was that?

5 - Outside in the Nakia's backyard.  Kamala leads the way to find a figure crumpled on the ground.  Nakia follows behind, a frying pan in hand.  There is something of a impact crater / buildup of dirt as the figure clearly landed with some force and skidded along the ground with the impact.  It's dark and hard to see who or what it is.


KAMALA: H-hello?

MYSTERIOUS FIGURE (woozy word balloon to reflect their state): Ughhhh...

KAMALA: Are you okay?

6 - The mysterious figure is none other than the Fantabulous Frog-Man!  Unfortunately, he is looking somewhat worse for wear, with lots of visible wear and tear to his suit.  He also seems to have landed quite awkwardly, as dirt is coming out of his mouth as he gets up.  He doesn't seem overly concerned / aware of this, as he is back on his feet and next to Ms. Marvel.  He grabs her excitedly, his arms on her shoulders (maybe shaking her a little through his overexcitement).  She is surprised, but not threatened.  Nakia is kind of freaking out again.

FROG-MAN: Oh thank goodness!  Ms. Marvel, I really need your help!

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  1. There's some great escalation going on from panel to panel, each one sets up the following one beautifully. My favorite line is that "Wolverine is nice." I always forget that one of his most remarkable qualities is how he treats the young. And Frog-Man just takes the cake. Too cool all around...kudos.


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