Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Shade The Changing Man – Buried on Sunday – MK Stangeland Jr.

(7 Panels)

Panel 1: SOLOMON GRUNDY is walking through a swamp.

Panel 2: SOLOMON GRUNDY continues to walk, but his body is showing signs of transformation – his face looks twisted and blurred and his limbs are slenderizing.

Panel 3: SOLOMON GRUNDY – has come to a stop and is looking at himself, but he’s not exactly SOLOMON GRUNDY anymore. He’s now more of a ‘SHADE GRUNDY’.

His face resembles that of SHADE, and while he’s less bulky than GRUNDY normally is, he’s still got SOLOMON GRUNDY’s basic posture.

Since the dialogue from both comes out of the same ‘person’, there should be some kind of indicator as to who is actually saying the lines. Possibly a difference in their speech balloons or a little face of whoever’s speaking next to what they’re saying.

GRUNDY: Grundy feel weird. Not like self.

SHADE: Did I just say that?

Panel 4: SHADE GRUNDY is paralyzed in position as SHADE tries to keep moving forwards while GRUNDY simply wants to stand there in confusion.

GRUNDY: Grundy is very confused right now.

SHADE: Oh $#*^, I did say that.

Panel 6: SHADE GRUNDY starts to move forwards as SHADE conjures up enough willpower to at least start them moving forwards.


SHADE: This has to be the worst…

Panel 7: SHADE GRUNDY falls over face forwards into the swamp as SHADE fails to keep moving fast enough to actually catch his footing before the body simply topples over from lack of balance.



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  1. Really neat idea, MK! I like the one body - two voice bit you have going on here. A great concept that you play out well in the single page (I'd say to just be consistent on whether or not Grundy properly conjugates his verbs as you waver a bit between panels). Would be eager to see where this goes next.


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