Monday, September 22, 2014

The Phantom - Legacy - Grant McLaughlin

1 - The Phantom walks across the room, one hand to his chin in classic thinking pose and the other behind his back.  The edge of a table is visible in the foreground of the panel.

THE PHANTOM: I'm not saying I haven't done great things or made a difference, but who am I to say what my son must or mustn't do?

2 - The Phantom is pacing back the other way, his fretting increasing - he now has one hand up on his head, as if he was passing it through his hair in confusion / desperation.

THE PHANTOM: What if he wants to be a doctor?  An artist?  A rock star?

3 - The Phantom is pacing back in his original way, clearly making little progress.  His hands are thrown up in despair,

THE PHANTOM (1): Why shouldn't he get the luxury to chose his own destiny simply because he was born to the Walker name?

DIANA (off-panel): Kit...

4 - Switch angles to the other side of the table.  Diana Palmer, wife of Kit Walker, sits at the table, feeding an obviously very young child who is sitting in a high chair next to her.  Kit Junior is not being incredibly cooperative in this goal, with food pretty much everywhere but in his mouth - this side of the room is messy.  Diana looks at Kit Senior with some bemused frustration.

DIANA: I think we have some time to consider the question.


  1. ...yeah, that's about right.
    Seriously, the 4th panel is well done. I have to say, when it comes to last panels, you really know how to tie it all in a bow. Between last week's emotional piece for Shade, and this week's particular piece of humor, I really admire your way of bringing things home by page's end. Kudos again.


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