Monday, September 22, 2014

The Phantom - Who Walks - Ben Rosenthal

1. A shady looking criminal is looking around, scared in a a dark room.  High in the rafters the white eyes of The Phantom can be seen by the reader, but not by the crim.

Jim?  Mack?  Where are you?

CAPTION (Phantom)
A picture says a thousand words.

2.  The Crim is startled by a thud from behind him.  He doesn't know what it is.

sfx: THUD.

GAH! Wh-who's there?

CAPTION (Phantom)
A ghost only needs one.

3.  A close up of the Crim's face, but only the left half is on panel.  It takes up half the panel.  The other half is made up of the Phantom's face whispering in the Crim's ear.  However it is darkened out, barely visible.

Leave this place.


CAPTION (Phantom)


  1. This would be well at home as an installment in the daily news strip. Moody and noir, cool stuff, Ben....

  2. Agreed with Ray. This would make for an excellent iteration of the daily strip. Short and sweet, you get everything you need on the page effectively and efficiently.


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