Sunday, September 21, 2014

Why The Phantom?

I never loved The Phantom like I did Batman and Superman, but as a kid, sometimes all I had was $1.50 in my pocket, which wasn’t enough for a DC or Marvel Comic, but was just right for a 32-page black-and-white Frew comics starring Lee Falk’s Ghost Who Walks. Over time I amassed quite the collection; even as I got older, I’d occasionally flip through the comics; while the stories were never deep or complex, some of the artwork was fabulous. 

Kit Walker is the 21st in a line of crime fighters that originated way back in 1536. The original Phantom, Christopher Walker, swore an oath on the skull of his father’s murderer following a brutal pirate attack, and established the legacy that would be carried down for generations, bringing to fruition the notion of The Phantom being an immortal ghost – “the Ghost Who Walks.”

I’ve never been totally enamoured with the storytelling presented in The Phantom comics I’ve read, but have always felt the character has a ton of potential to be modernized; not re-imagined, but refreshed, to bring new eyes to the character. Dynamite Entertainment attempted a revival several years ago; now it’s our chance.

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