Monday, October 20, 2014

Frog-Man - Fitting in - Ben Rosenthal

1.  From behind Ollie Osnick as he sits in the vastness of the Negative zone, staring out into space.  His arm is missing, so this is modern day Ollie after the fight with Venom and the fall of Prison 42.

VOICE (off panel)
Do you ever think you will get home?

2.  From front on.  A pair of legs either side of him.

VOICE (from the pair of legs on Ollie's left)
You have family that wonders if you are alive or dead.
Friends as well.

I ran away years ago. They would have found me by now if they cared.
I would have returned if I did.

3.  A the two men who were standing next to Ollie are now sitting next to him.  To the left (the one who was speaking off panel) is Frog-Man with Toad on his right.  They are dressed as when they were all members of The Initiative.

This is the arm thing, isn't it?
I think you're just afraid of how people will look at you.  That you won't fit in.

4.  A close up on Frog-Man.

FROG-MANOne arm or five--

5.  A wide panel, front on showing Ollie sitting by himself.  He is thinking - a small spark of positivity as lit.

--you always were a Misfit.

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  1. Holy continuity, Batman. I actually had no idea who Ollie Osnick was before seeing this page, but some quick Google-fu helped that problem out.

    Equipped with my slight knowledge of the character, I like this script. The despair and subsequent reassurance, while entirely in Ollie's own head, reads and works well here for the most part. My one major critique would be to change that final line to "--you'll always be a Misfit." The past tense you use doesn't fit the message you're going for in my mind - Ollie isn't being inspired by what he used to be but by what he still is. A small detail, but I think it would make a big difference.


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