Sunday, October 19, 2014

Frog-Man - Hopalong - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Frog-Man skitters across the ground, bouncing a couple times as he slams into a wall.  His costume is burned, charred, and generally messed up to show how much he's gone through already.

VILLAIN (off-panel): Stay down.


2 - Shot from Frog-Man's prone form looking up towards the oncoming villain: Electro!

ELECTRO: I've already taken out Spider-Man and Daredevil.  What chance could you possibly hope to have?

3 - Focus on Frog-Man as he tries to get up.  He's down on his face and trying to push himself up with his arms.  Again, he and his costume are in a bad way.

FROG-MAN (1): You're right.

FROG-MAN (2): I'm not half the hero they are.

4 - Frog-Man has made it up to his knees.  Even the effort to do that looks like it's taken a lot out of him.

FROG-MAN: But I am the Fabulous Frog-Man.

5 - Frog-Man is up to a pseudo-crouching position.  Electro is approaching, striding confidently towards the downed hero - perhaps charging up some electricity to attack with.

FROG-MAN: And as long as I live and breath.

5 - Frog-Man turns his position into an attack, leaping towards Electro in an attempt to use his own body as a battering ram.  While somewhat surprised, Electro looks ready to meet him.

CAPTION (FROG-MAN): I'll keep trying.

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