Saturday, October 25, 2014

Frog-Man - The Madding Crowd, Part 9 - R.A. Wonsowski

Layout: best way to think about this is as a page out of one of those newspaper comics anthologies, three 4-panel strips one on top of the other, like so:

Panel 1- Night. Foreground, the CREEPER (with Jack Ryder's mind still inside) is on a rooftop, elbows rested on the ledge, and peering through binoculars in our direction. Background, a frog-like shape bounds from one building back toward the building the CREEPER's on.


Panel 2- Same as Panel 1, but FROG-MAN has landed on our building.


Panel 3- FROG-MAN has walked up and is standing next to CREEPER, who is still staring intently through his binocs. They're both looking towards us.


Panel 4- Same as Panel 3, except CREEPER has lowered his binocs and turned to address FROG-MAN.

FROG-MAN: Whatcha doing?
CREEPER: Well, I...

Panel 5- same as Panel 4.


Panel 6- same as above, but CREEPER looks at us in a very Ferris Bueller-like deadpan fashion.


Panel 7- Same as panel 4.

CREEPER: I'm trying to find a way into those labs.
FROG-MAN: What's in there?

Panel 8- CREEPER has put the binoculars back up and is looking back in our direction. FROG-MAN has crossed his arms.

CREEPER: My other half. The crazy half.
FROG-MAN: You mean you with the candy-apple red back hair is normal?
CREEPER: Says the GEICO gecko's thyroidally challenged cousin.

Panel 9- FROG-MAN gestures nonchalantly as if he was going to make a casual point. CREEPER yells at him, a little scared but more insulted, as he points towards us.

FROG-MAN: Y'know, fifteen minutes could save you--
CREEPER: And second of all, shush! There's people in there looking for me.
FROG-MAN: Really?

Panel 10- FROG-MAN cups his chin thoughtfully as he cogitates. CREEPER continues to yell at him angrily.

FROG-MAN: And you're trying to find a way in?
FROG-MAN: Besides, say, their front door?

Panel 11- FROG-MAN crosses his arms again, regarding CREEPER thoughtfully. CREEPER is caught short mid-rant, a look of "waitaminnit" on his face as he is confused by his own comic book logic.


Panel 12- CREEPER walks away off-panel, fuming, tossing his binoculars over the side of the building. FROG-MAN gestures apologetically with open arms, shoulders shrugged.

FROG-MAN: Just saying...
CREEPER: Isn't there a Cajun chef with a deep fryer looking for you? be continued...(promise, fight scenes coming soon)

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  1. You've done it once again, Mr. Wonsowski. Melding the week's pick into your storyline (along with some of the pick's regular tone) without missing a beat on what you were already doing. Particularly impressed how you telegraphed part of this page with your reference last week, but I also just enjoy the genuine fun and humour you have going here. A-plus!


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