Friday, October 10, 2014

Harry Dresden – Gone Fishing – Travis M. Holyfield



Panel 1: HARRY DRESDEN stands in the back of a medium sized fishing trawler. He stares out across the calm sea. The captain, a stereotypical grizzled old salt - he could easily grace the cover of any generic seafood restaurant menu - stands behind him, watching him with suspicion.
CAPTAIN: Thought ye said ye meant to go fishin’.

HARRY: I am.

Panel 2: Continuation of previous panel. Harry draws a crystal rod – the length of a car antenna – from his long coat.

CAPTAIN: Wassat, then?

HARRY: Fishing rod.

Panel 3: Harry holds the rod out towards the water. It glows with a pale bluish-green radiance.

HARRY: Uh-huh. Uh-huh.  

Panel 4:  The waters around the trawler start to churn. Harry lowers the rod. He has an expression of grim resignation. The sea captain, still standing behind him, is recoiling in horror. The skies above the boat have suddenly gone dark with storm clouds.

HARRY: Yeah. That’s what I thought.  

CAPTAIN: Jaysus an Mary an alla saints!

Panel 5: A downward angle, as we look over the giant, Lovecraftian monstrosity that is now surging up out of the sea and down towards the fishing trawler, tiny in comparison.  

HARRY: We are DEFINITELY going to need a bigger boat.


  1. ...aaand the part of Harry Dresden will be played by Roy Scheider...
    I like the simplicity of the approach, and the last panel has it all. Well done.

  2. I'm wondering about Panel 5 - would I be wrong in thinking that the next page, if this weren't a one-page script, would likely give an impression of the monster from a upward angle?

    1. Hadn't given it much thought, honestly. If I was going more than one page with this, I'd likely have done a splash page front shot reveal of the creature on the next page with Harry's line there, and just used the last panel for more buildup to the reveal.


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