Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, meets Maximus the Mad - R.A. Wonsowski

(Story continues on next page following advertisement)

Panel 1 - Foreground, MAXIMUS, the insane brother of Black Bolt, rightful king of the Inhumans, cackles with glee at the sight of MEDUSA, KARNAK, and GORGON, all shackled in a Kirby-esque torture device. In an upper corner KAMALA KHAN hangs from the ceiling unseen from her distended arm...

MAXIMUS: AHH-hahaha!! With his queen and friends captured, Black Bolt will surely hand the throne of Attillan to me!!

Panel 2 - KAMALA peeks around the corner of the torture machine. KARNAK and MEDUSA notice her.

MEDUSA: Ms. Marvel!
KARNAK: It's no use! There's no weakness in his plan this time!
KAMALA: Oh, really...

Panel 3 - KAMALA, background, tosses a bunch of loose small packages from her oversized hand. MAXIMUS catches one. GORGON guffaws in his cuffs.

KAMALA: Hey, Max! Catch!
MAXIMUS: Hostess Fruit Pies!
GORGON: Apple! Lemon! And Cherry, my favorite!

Panel 4 - KAMALA stands proudly among the newly freed Inhumans. MAXIMUS is enwrapped in MEDUSA's hair, one hand free as he munches on a lemon pie. Everyone is enjoying their snacks and smiling with satisfaction. An inset panel has BLACK BOLT holding out a fruit pie package at us, smiling and winking.

MAXIMUS: I'm MAD for the flaky crust!
GORGON: And that real fruit filling is INHUMANLY scrumptious!
CAPTION: Hostess Fruit Pies.
BLACK BOLT: Try one today!
SoundFX: ...rmMBLL...

( The Madding Crowd will be back next week. Seeya then!)


  1. *Slow Clap*

    I miss those ads so much. Thanks for the chuckle.

  2. Not the kind of week I would expect a Hostess Fruit Pie ad to show up, but I enjoy it all the same.

  3. Hostess Fruit pie is always the answer.

    Love it, Ray. Super tongue in cheek, while also feeling true to the source material ("that real fruit filling is INHUMANLY scrumptious" is too good of a line).


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