Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan – Circular Fandomship – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: An upside down car that has a style that’s consistent with the powers and style of its former driver, OVERDRIVE. OVERDRIVE is climging out of it. He looks pretty beat up and worse for the wear, but not like he’s suffering any critical or life-threatening injuries.

MS. MARVEL (KAMALA KHAN) approaches the vehicle, but not sure what to make of OVERDRIVES behavior.

OVERDRIVE (1): That takeout? That was pretty bad-@**.

OVERDRIVE (2): And you look even younger in person!


Panel 2: OVERDRIVE is lying on the ground, not having enough energy to fight against what he recognizes as an inevitable defeat. He points at MS. MARVEL with one hand.

MS. MARVEL is still confused by this turn of events.

OVERDRIVE (1): You’re…uh…

SFX: *snap*snap*

OVERDRIVE (2): Ms. Marvel, right? The new one?


OVERDRIVE (3): I thought so!

OVERDRIVE (4): Overdrive. I’m a fan.

Panel 3: MS. MARVEL is taken aback, but is warming to this very unusual reaction from OVERDRIVE.

MS. MARVEL (1): Really?

OVERDRIVE (1): Absolutely!

OVERDRIVE (2): Using your powers like that? It’s just like Spider-Man!

MS. MARVEL (2): Well, I am a fan of his.

OVERDRIVE (3): Really? Get out of here! ME TOO!

Panel 4: MS. MARVEL helps OVERDRIVE stand up.



Panel 5: Short series of mini/micro-panels as MS. MARVEL and OVERDRIVE spend a bit of time bonding over their mutual love of and admiration for (other) superheroes. Feel free to have some fun here, maybe include something like getting a hot dog or some ice cream together.

Panel 6: MS. MARVEL and OVERDRIVE part on friendly terms as MS. MARVEL hands OVERDRIVE over to the police – he is, after all, still a criminal.


1 comment:

  1. Love the idea of Ms. Marvel and Overdrive geeking out together and becoming fast friends because of it. My main comment is that I'd almost like to spend more time with that, as it seems a shame to only have the mini-panels of panel 5 to show it off. While panel 6 is obviously necessary to show that justice must be done, perhaps if some of the opening could be shaved down then we could get more of the Ms. Marvel and Overdrive show, which I'd obviously love to see.


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