Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ms Marvel/Kamala Khan - Fantastic! - Arby Moay

Panel 1
A cat is comically hanging on a tree with her two front paws, ready to fall down. Luckily a big stretchy hand (Kamala's) is there to catch her.

Panel 2
Cat falls and is caught by the big stretchy hand.

Panel 3
Ms. Marvel hands the cat to a little girl with a big smile.

Kamala: Well, here you go, kid!
Little Girl: Thanks Ms. Fantastic!

Panel 4
Close-up of Kamala's face. She is still holding her smile, amused at being called Ms. Fantastic.

Kamala: You're welcome! Though, my name's Ms. Marvel.

Panel 5
The little girl points at Kamala. Meanwhile, the cat is back trying to climb the tree it was just on.

Little Girl: You have stretchy powers.
Kamala: That is true. You are very perceptive.
Little Girl: Kinda like Jake.

Panel 6
Kamala has her hands in her waist, a little bit disgusted at the comparison. Little Girl is amused. Cat is hanging for dear life in the tree again.

Kamala: Kid, I am not a dog.
Little Girl: What time is it?

Panel 7
Kamala has stretched her legs to move out, meanwhile her big stretchy hand is back trying to save the cat. Little Girl has her fist victoriously in the air.

Kamala: Nope!


  1. Panel 3 is just perfect in its innocent humor. Neat-o.

  2. Adorable. Really dig the background business of the cat climbing the tree again.

    While I dig the Ms. Fantastic / Jake the Dog jokes, I think honing in on one instead of both could make the page more focused and make the joke stronger (I love that panel 7, but I wonder if it would get the proper space / emphasis with everything else going on here).


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