Saturday, October 18, 2014

Norman Osborn – Final Interview– Travis M. Holyfield

Panel 1: NORMAN OSBORN sits behind a magnificent desk in his lavish office. Our POV for the entire page is that of the young man sitting across from him. Norman is perusing a piece of paper – the young man’s C.V.

NORMAN: Undergrad at Wharton. MBA from Harvard. Letters of recommendation from several of your professors. Internships with Houlihan Lokey and PwC.

NORMAN: Very impressive, Peter.

Panel 2: Norman continues to read the resume.

PETE (OFF-PANEL): Thank you so much, sir. It’s always been my dream to work for Osborn. I think I can bring a lot to the company.

PETE (OFF-PANEL): Oh, and you can call me Pete. That’s what I go by.

Panel 3: Norman has looked up from his reading and is staring at the young man. There is a faint touch of a smile now on his lips. The resume is starting to crumble in his hand, which is clenching.

NORMAN: Pete. Pete. Pete.

NORMAN: Petey. Pete. Peter.

NORMAN: Heh.   

Panel 4:  Norman puts the resume on his desk and reaches into a desk drawer with his other hand. His face has resumed its mask of normalcy and sanity.

NORMAN: I agree, Pete. I think there IS a great deal you can offer us.   

NORMAN: There’s just one more thing I need you to do for me.

Panel 5:  Norman reaches across the desk, offering the young man a cardboard box.

NORMAN: Could I trouble you to try this on for me?

PETE (OFF-PANEL): Uhm… Of course sir. May I ask why?

Panel 6:  From our POV as the young man, we look into the box, which contains a cheap Spider-Man Halloween costume.  
NORMAN (OFF-PANEL): So I can murder you and then throw someone you love off a bridge. Standard practice, really.  


  1. Well that's creepy.

    And to be honest, it feels a little bit forced, too. Not the concept, necessarily, but the final execution at the end there.

    1. Eh. Your mileage will vary, as in all things. I wanted to see if I could do an entire entry from one POV. I probably didn't stick the landing, exactly. I can see where it is a little heavy handed. Sorry you didn't dig it more. (Although I will take "creepy" as a compliment, as that was definitely part of what I was going for.)


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