Monday, October 13, 2014

Norman Osborn - Out to Brunch - Grant McLaughlin

Three rows of panels.  Row one is made up of a single panel, row two is panels 2 through 4 (panel 2 is thin, while panels 3 and 4 are of equal size), and row three is a single panel as well.  Row two should be the main focus of the page.

1 - A large, heartless room.  It is the Osborn dining room.  Norman and a young (maybe 10 or so) Harry sit at opposite ends of a long table, separated by its size.  Harry should be on the left side of the panel, Norman on the right.  The table is covered with various lunch foods - sandwiches, cold cuts, cookies, and so forth.  Harry asks a questions curiously, while Norman pensively puts down his cutlery, considering the inquiry.  If possible, have a clock showing a mid-morning time (maybe 10:30 or 11).  Also, having the perspective being somewhat pulled back to make the table look a little small within the size of the panel / room (instead of filling it out) wouldn't be the worst thing.

HARRY: Daddy, why don't we ever have brunch?


2 - Switch scenes to Norman leading Harry down a winding, medieval-castle-esque stairwell.  He can be holding a torch / there can be sconces on the wall and everything.  Norman is determined; Harry is nervous.

CAPTION (NORMAN): Come with me.

3 - At their destination, we find a panel of Harry and Norman looking upon a strange altar filled with various damaged and destroyed waffle paraphernalia (mostly broken waffle makers of various ages and eras, along with things like mixing bowls, measuring cups, and the like).  It should look nefarious and strange in the dim lighting.

HARRY (quietly): What is this place?

NORMAN (1): A shrine.  A dark altar dedicated to our oldest enemy.

NORMAN (2): Brunch's cruel overlord.

HARRY (quietly): I-I don't understand.

4 - Norman holds one of the broken waffle irons in one hand and points at his signature haircut with the other.  His face is a horrible rictus grin of madness, made all the more awful by the poor lighting of the strange chamber.  His word balloon should be large and wild to parallel his attitude.  The caption box should be tucked into the bottom right corner of the page.

NORMAN: Don't you see?  How else could we have gotten this ludicrous haircut?!

CAPTION (generic): ...what?

5 - Switch scene.  Various Avengers, including Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Tony Stark, and really anyone you think would be appropriate sit at a table, mirroring Norman and Harry's position from the first panel.  They can either be at the Avengers Mansion being served by Jarvis, at a public restaurant, or whatever.  The important thing is that they are eating brunch (you could even try to slip another clock into the background to show that).  Hawkeye has a look of surprise on his face, while all his colleagues look super unimpressed - feel free to throw in some facepalming, head shaking, glares, and so forth.  Hawkeye should also have a stack of waffles on the end of his fork, ready to eat them.

HAWKEYE: You guys have a better explanation?

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  1. I love this SO much. I can picture it in one of Marvel's old "What The?" comics. Maybe drawn by Jim Mahfood.


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