Sunday, October 26, 2014

Top Cow Talent Hunt 2015 - Perfect - Ben Rosenthal

This is a page from my script from last year's Talent Hunt.  Previous to this page a young boy had awoken with a freshly stitched up stomach.  He finds himself in a terrorist camp, with the 13th Artifact let loose in order to slaughter all within the camp.


1.  A wider panel.  The Insurgent is impaled through the neck by a black tendril which appears to be made of a mist.  The tendril is coming from the figure which has stepped from the cloud of sand it made when it crashed from the plane – it is the teenage Boy from the first page.  Black mist pours from his mouth, forming tendrils.  There are eight tendrils, flailing about like the tentacles on a squid underwater.  Some are propping him up from the ground so his feet are not touching it.  His eyes glow purple.

2.  A close up of the Boy’s face.  It is almost a skull with tight, dry skin pulled across it.  The Thirteenth Artifact is in full control.  It smiles in its skull-like way.

3.  A close up of the mouth of the Boy/13th Artifact which he has now become.  It wears a sinister skullesque smile.


I liked the ides of this script that I have since gone back and written a short using the basic premise.  It's been a long couple of months but it is almost complete.  I have a few artists in mind, and hopefully will have it up and printed early next year.

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  1. One of the great things about the Talent Hunt is that it let's you really embrace the underpinnings of horror through their characters' circumstances. The hunger of the 13th Artifact as emanating from the boy in the camp is palpable, and you certainly nail the mood for the piece. Panel 1 is primo to be sure. Killer stuff.


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