Sunday, October 26, 2014

Why Top Cow Talent Hunt 2015?

It's that time of year again.  The third Top Cow Talent Hunt is on NOW and runs through until March 2015.  Last year's Top Cow Talent Hunt had 1,500 entries, and is a fantastic opportunity for creators to get seen.

Below is what Matt Hawkins of Top Cow had to say about the Talent Hunt to CBR:

"Getting published in comics has never been simultaneously easier and harder than it is now," Matt Hawkins told CBR. "The barrier to entry is lower than it ever has been for self-publishing with digital, crowd funding and print-on-demand technologies, but this is a hard road to make a living at."

Being aspiring writers here at Thought Balloons we could not pass up the opportunity to focus on the Talent Hunt once again.  Our goal for this week is to give a tease - will it be a single page of script from a previous year hunt?  Or will it be focusing on a character from this year's hunt.  Due to the rules we will NOT be posting anything from this years competition.  

The list of characters that can be used are;

The Darkness
The Angelus
Heart Stone
Wheel of Shadows
Coin of Solomon
Ember Stone
Pandora's Box
The Glacier Stone
Spear of Destiny
The Thirteenth Artifact
The Rapture
The Blood Sword
Aphrodite XI
Cyber Force

Script should be twenty-two pages long, no synopsis to be submitted.

There are sample scripts included for artists, but obviously I can't re-post those here. However, if you're a writer and are having trouble downloading, that should be enough to go on for the moment. The pdf is pretty similar to the previous versions of the Talent Hunt. If anything, there are more characters and less restrictions.

Want to know more about the Talent Hunt?  Click the link below for rules, guidelines and submission details.
And enjoy!

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