Saturday, November 15, 2014

Big Hero 6 - The Madding Crowd, Part ? - R.A. Wonsowski


Panel 1- WASABI-NO-GINGER looks over the edge of a building as he consoles a desolate HONEY LEMON, who is crying uncontrollably on his shoulder. HIRO and BAYMAX come up from behind.

WASABI-NO-GINGER: ...well, it was bound to happen sometime...
HONEY LEMON: *sob* Oh but WHY?!? Why NOW?!?
HIRO: Hey, guys? What's going on?

Panel 2- Two-shot, WASABI-NO-GINGER and HIRO.

WASABI-NO-GINGER: Do you not read Thoughtballoons(tm)?
HIRO: N-no...should I?
WASABI-NO-GINGER: We have been thrilling to the adventures of Jack Ryder, his mind trapped in the Creeper's body. We've been anxious to see how we'd fit into the story.
HIRO: So, what happened?

Panel 3- In the background, we can see the four members of Big Hero 6 looking down from the rooftop. Foreground, we see ME, lying on a sidewalk, laptop screen glowing and held in a dead-man's clutch, head crushed under a giant concrete cube. Carved in the most visible side, it reads: If found Please call JACK RYDER 1-800 U R WRONG.

WASABI-NO-GINGER: The author was hit by Ryder's block...

...don't worry, sports fans...Act III of The Madding Crowd starts with the next pick...oh, wait, that's me....

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