Monday, November 3, 2014

Brawl in the Family - Little Fox Redux - Grant McLaughlin

I was quite taken with these two days' worth of strips and thought I'd try my own hand at some "Little Fox" comics.  In Brawl in the Family style, I've written up three short strips, each one in the three panel style (more or less).


1 - Little Fox stands, annoyed.  Little Leon (an egg) is next to him, yelling - the source of Fox's annoyance.

LEON: Hey!  You!

2 - Little Falco walks into frame, pointing quizzically at Leon the egg.  Fox maintains his annoyance.

FALCO: Who's this guy?

3 - Both Falco and Fox are annoyed now.  The egg continues to shout.

LEON: Annoying bird!  I am the great Leon!

FALCO: You've got to be yolking.

All Ears

1 - Little Fox sits on his Little Landrover / bigwheeler, talking.  He looks a bit tired / stressed.

FOX: ...I guess I'm just worried about being thrust into a position of real leadership before I'm ready.

2 - Fox lets out a bit of a sigh, looking somewhat relieved.

FOX (1): *phew* It feels good to get that off my chest.

FOX (2): Thanks for being such a good listener.

3 - Switch to a shot of Little Slippy the tadpole, floating in his fish bowl atop his own bigwheeler, doing nothing.



1 - Little Fox and Little Falco are talking.

FOX: That new kid sure is cute.

FALCO: You should go talk to her.

2 - Top half panel.  Fox looks aghast.

FOX: I'm sure she has better things to do than hang out with me.

KRYSTAL (off-panel): Hey, Fox!

3 - Bottom half panel. Fox looks over at Little Krystal (who has walked into the panel frame).  Fox is really nervous; Krystal simply looks happy / content.

KRYSTAL: Wanna play?

4 - Fox and Krystal are playing with some dinosaur toys.  Both seem to be having a good time.  Little hearts can be floating up above a bashful Fox's head.


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  1. Real cute stuff, and I definitely got some solid laughs out of what you have here. Also, I love that you matched up with the previous Little Fox comics in the 3 short comics format.


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