Monday, November 17, 2014

Hawk and Dove - Birds of a Feather - Grant McLaughlin

I don't have a strong opinion as to which Hawk and Dove this should be, so for simplicity's sake, let's just go with the original Hall brothers.

1 - Hawk and Dove sit on a couch in their living room.  Hawk looks glum and tense, head in hands, while Dove lounges with one arm along the top of the couch and points with the other towards Hawk as if making a suggestion (in response to Hawk's words).  A coffee table sits in front of the two heroes, with a phone (cell or landline - your choice) on top of it.  The panel should be framed so that the phone is in the foreground in the middle of the panel, with Hawk on its left and Dove on its right (both in the background, of course).  The two heroes look towards the phone, of course.

HAWK: Why won't anyone call us to team-up anymore?

DOVE: Maybe everyone is intimidated by our cocksure ways!

2 - Hawk looks towards Dove quizzically.  Dove is already on his feet, starting to pace around the table looking serious with a hand to his chin in the Thinker pose.

DOVE (1): Or perhaps we unintentionally ruffled some feathers?

DOVE (quietly) (2): A foul thought, that.

3 - Dove walks towards an easy chair on Hawk's left, making the classic "crazy" circle gesture towards his head (that sounds way more awkward to describe than it should).  Hawk shakes his head in a disappointed / dismissive manner.

DOVE (1): Either way, they're loons not to calls us.

DOVE (2): Evil's goose is cooked when we're on the case.

4 - Dove throws himself onto the easy chair, landing in a sideways position (head and feet across the arms) and looking towards Hawk (Dove may be lounging so comfortably to be looking upside down at Hawk).  Hawk rolls his eyes.

DOVE (1): Our so-called friends will eat crow after they realize the error of their ways.

DOVE (2): In fact, you know what I think?

5 - Hawk facepalms, finally responding to Dove.  However, Dove has worked himself into a state and shouts out his finale, gesticulating wildly from his lounging position.  While Dove is shouting, his word balloon should actually be mostly covered by Hawk's to indicate that they are talking at the same time and that Hawk is ignoring Dove.  That said, you should be able to make out the last three or four words of Dove's interjection.

HAWK: Nevermind, I think I figured out the reason.

DOVE: I think they can go flock themselves!

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  1. Between Dove's winging it, and Hawk's puffin, I gotta admit, this was pretty falcon funny.

    Seriously, for a page of bird puns, the visuals make it. Dove's joie-de-vivre is charming, and Hawk's reactions just ice thee cake. Entertaining, all around, Grant.


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