Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hawk & Dove – View Askew – MK Stangeland Jr.

(I’ve decided to go ahead and create new version of HAWK and DOVE for this particular script. HAWK is HELEN JACKSON, a shorter, unassuming woman who’s far tougher than she looks. DOVE is DAVID JACKSON, her brother, who’s built like a the biggest, baddest wrestler you’re ever likely to meet but is actually a massive teddy bear of a softy deep down inside.)

Panel 1: Two gangs who were in the middle of a drug deal were interrupted by DOVE, who’s actually smiling and looks not concerned at all about all the people who look very much ready to kill him.

DOVE (1): Come now!

DOVE (2): Surely we don’t need to fall back on violence….


Panel 2: Everyone scatters as a large van flies through the air and crashes into another van. Everyone, that is, except DOVE, who does a limbo bend to duck just under the van.

SFX: Crash!

Panel 3: DOVE stands up and looks towards the crashed van. The others around him are beginning to pick themselves up as well.


HAWK: (Off panel) I’m sorry, did that van belong to someone? It was in my way.

Panel 4: Full view of HAWK, who looks furious. She stands nearby next to a support structure, which she punches dangerously out of shape with a single blow.

HAWK: And I hate it when things get in my way.


SFX: Creeeek

Panel 5: One of the GANG LEADERs has a look that’s one part anger, one part concern about what HAWK is doing.

GANG LEADER: HEY! You trying to bring this place down on top of us?!

Panel 6: HAWK stands on one leg in a pre-kick motion as he prepares to hit the support structure again.

HAWK: Oh, you mean I shouldn’t do…



  1. I really like the direction you took this in. Not only is the play on opposites neat, but the physical humor works really well. It's got that John Woo by way of Robert Rodriguez and Stephen Chow vibe that's too tasty to pass up. The characters play against expectations and work well together. The lead in to the next page is well timed, and lets the imagination go, a very Bugs Bunny beat. This was a really cool page to me, and I dig your original take on H&D. Well done, MK.

  2. I'm in agreement with Ray. A nice little re-imagining of the characters that looks to be all about fun, which I'll never say no to. I initially wasn't sold on the page turn, but the more I consider it, the more possibilities play out in my mind, which is what a good turn should be all about.


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