Saturday, November 29, 2014

Space Cabbie - The Madding Crowd, Part 12 - Ray Wonsowski

See last week's episode for previous chapter links.

(I'd love to see this done in the style of Bruce Timm...)

Panel 1- Space Cabbie's yellow rocket cab coming around out of the dark side of the moon. It's towing Lobo's skull face space cycle behind it.

CAPTION: If you want to keep your hack license, you gotta be a member of S.C.A.R.E., Space Cabbies Against Reckless Endangerment...

(From the back of the cab, with musical notes): Danaa-dant-dant-dant-dant-danaa-dada....

(From the back of the cab, with musical notes): Word's spreadin'round...'bout that lunar town...on the point they call LaGrange... If you wanna know...

Panel 2- Inside the cab. In the back, VRIL DOX has his head lolled back, and visibly drunk playing air guitar. LOBO, also drunk, is terrified and surprised as he reaches over the front seat in panic at something out the windshield. SPACE CABBIE sees what's being pointed at, but his expression is wide-eyed open-mouthed disbelief.

CAPTION: Nothing worse than a drunk behind the stick. Except maybe these two...

VRIL DOX(with musical notes): Danaa-dant-dant-dant-dant-danaa-dada....


Panel 3- In front of the moon, nearly the same size, the gate opened by Eclipso's Sunset Gun from Earth is being pried open by three staggeringly enormous hairy spider legs with talon-like tips from the darkness within. Glowing from behind the black are a pair of groups containing hundreds of red insectoid eyes. The yellow space cab is little more than a speck before it as it tries to spin away, Lobo's bike whipped around behind it.

CAPTION: ...and this.

LOBO: (from inside the cab) FRAG!! be continued....

Lobo & Vril Dox's song based on ZZTop's "La Grange", you know, you probably heard it in Armageddon or some road trip movie....

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