Sunday, November 30, 2014

Spider-Verse - Universe 34 - Ben Rosenthal

1.  Spider-Man has been captured, and tied up.  He cannot move and is on his knees in a darkened room.  A light shines on him.  His suit has a little more scientific theme going so we can tell it isn't our Peter Parker.  A figure is standing behind him, shoulders up darkened by shadows.  From the colour scheme we can tell it is the Green Goblin.

You're a failure.
All that power, and you waste it swinging around town in your pyjama's playing hero.

2.  A close up of Spidey's mask, with the Goblin's hand on it, pulling it up.

You're Weak.


3.  The mask is off revealing that Spider-Man is Harry Osborn.  He was bitten by the Spider.  The Goblin is still behind him looking at the mask.  His face is still covered in shadows.

Harry, Harry, Harry....

4.  Reveal of the Goblin - It's Peter Parker, driven insane by the Goblin formula and the experiments that Norman Osborn has conducted on him throughout the years.

Didn't your father teach you anything?

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  1. Man, it's these kinds of switcheroos that make me smile. I would read a whole issue of What If of this. The pacing of each reveal is so well placed. Tight page, Ben...


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