Saturday, December 20, 2014

Avatar - The Madding Crowd, Part 14 - R.A. Wonsowski

All captions are Harry Dresden's.


Panel 1- Long shot, the Milky Way galaxy.

CAPTION: Magic, as Gravel says, isn't an art. It's a science. It's math of the Most High.
CAPTION: It's a rulebook for how the universe works.

Panel 2- AANG, in a stylized Shaolin temple courtyard high in the mountains. He is in a graceful pose in the middle of his tai-chi-like kata, and all four elements - fire, earth, water, and a visible swirl of air - ring him around his waist in a large circle, perfectly balanced about his axis.

CAPTION: You can't, however, break the rules of physics, so we must bend the ones of magic.
CAPTION: The last True Avatar could bend all four cardinal elements...

Panel 3- A SAMURAI duels in the waters of a shallow creek against two dirty THIEVES. The thieves are armed with short swords, but the SAMURAI defeats them, a katana in each hand, one short and one long. Each of the samurai's blades swings it's arc, trailing visible motion in flat black. The air seems to have that bubble-skin shimmering quality, kind of like...

CAPTION: ...but it wasn't until Musashi, the samurai, that the fifth element, the void, could be manipulated. And he'd been the only one...

Panel 4- ..."The Quiet". JON & SUZI under the sheets, making love, POV from above.

CAPTION: Until Jon and Suzi. Through the void, they are the first Timebenders in centuries. Making it stop...

Panel 5- In the Madness Gate, on the back of the master Hellspider, ECLIPSO reels in the Quiet, fumbling his scimitar, confused and angry. Background, and coming in fast, HAWK zooms toward us for the attack, talon-hands extended. DOVE has his back, keeping Hellspider-young at bay.

CAPTION: ...and go backwards.
ECLIPSO: ?!?gnineppah si tahw... be continued...


  1. Came back to the site, and I see The Madding Crowd still on-going... On that alone: Impressive, man! Have to catch up.
    (also, yay for Dresdent!)


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