Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Special - Faster than a Locomotive - Grant McLaughlin

Classic 3 by 3 layout. All panels are shot from the same perspective: underneath a Christmas tree, looking out into a nice, cozy home. There can be some ornaments and presents bordering the panel, but being able to see the home / room is the important bit. That and the portion of a model railroad track that is at the bottom of the panel. 

1 - The basic panel as described above. No one is visible in the room, so have a view of some furniture and whatever you think belongs in a lived-in home. A model toy locomotive is just coming on panel from a side of the track (let's day going right to left)

VOICE (from off-panel): Is that--?

2 - A huge blur of movement (blue and red) engulfs most of the room as something races to the base of the tree at super speed. You can insert some effects of the speed / wind at your leisure (branches moving, etc). The train advances along the track.


3 - Clark Kent, wearing some fetching blue and red pyjamas, now sits at the base of the tree, overjoyed as he looks down on the train. The train continues on its merry way, filling most of the visible track. 

CLARK: Where did you find a Siegel an Shuster Model Train Set?!

4 - Clark leans in close to get an even better view - he is in literal kid on Christmas morning territory here. The train is starting to wane, heading off the panel. 

CLARK: They haven't made these since --

5 - Clark follows the train's movement (now off-panel) with his eyes. The main change is that Lois' legs are visible in the background as she walks over to finally catch up. 

LOIS (from out of sight): -- Since they discontinued it back in '75 due to the fire hazard. 

6 - Lois has now knelt down to join Clark. He still wears the same big smile as he turns to her to tell her a quick story. Lois smiles back. 

CLARK (1): I still can't believe how fast our tree went up. 

CLARK (2): Or how fast Pa moved to put it out. 

7 - Both watch the (off-panel) train in silence, smiling all the while. 


8 - Clark turns to Lois, a meaningful look on his face. She turns to listen. Also, the train is back in view. 

CLARK: Thank you, Lois. 

9 - Lois grins in a satisfied manner. They share a kiss. The train chugs along. 

LOIS: Merry Christmas, Smallville. 

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  1. This is as endearing and sweet as I had hoped, and the shout-out to Joe&Jerry was well played. Merry Christmas indeed...


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