Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Special - The Madding Crowd, Part 15 - Ray Wonsowski

Previously: ECLIPSO, God's former Angel of Wrath, has opened a gate to an elder dimension in an all-out assault against the Almighty and his Creation. The tables have now turned, as time has been bent backwards, and HAWK and DOVE bring the fight to ECLIPSO above the streets of Gotham...

Layout: 3 rows of 2

Foreground is the same in each panel: little kid in his pajamas (in the Quiet) sitting on the sofa, facing us, bathed in the light of an unseen TV.  Behind him is a big window (it looks like he lives in a sixth or seventh floor apartment) where we see the action unfold. The window action is as follows:

Panel 1- DOVE takes a blast of black energy to the gut from above, and is thrust backwards to the ground below.

TV: ".nworB eilrahC, tuoba lla si samtsirhC tahw s'tahT"

Panel 2- As DOVE tumbles, HAWK catches him by the forearm as he zooms upward to meet his foe.

TV: ".nem drawot lliw doog, ecaep htrae no dna, tsehgih eht ni doG ot yrolG, gniyas dna, doG gnisiarp, tsoh ylnevaeh eht fo edutitlum a legna eht htiw saw ereht ylneddus dnA"

Panel 3- HAWK and DOVE right themselves midair as ECLIPSO thrusts himself at the brothers, scimitar in one hand raised above his head, the other hand holding a Black Diamond up to his eye between his fingers, charging up another blast.

TV: ".regnam a ni gniyl, sehtolc gnilddaws ni depparw ebab eht dnif llahs ey: uoy otnu ngis a eb llahs siht dnA"

Panel 4 - HAWK grapples with ECLIPSO's sword arm while DOVE hooks himself through his other arm, pulling the sparking Black Diamond away from his face.

TV:  ".droL eht tsirhC si hcihw, roivaS a yad siht nrob si uoy otnu roF .elpoep lla ot eb llahs hcihw, yoj taerg fo sgnidit doog uoy otnu gnirb I, dloheb rof: ton raeF, meht otnu dias legna eht dnA"

Panel 5- HAWK twists around, landing a right cross across ECLIPSO's face. The Black Diamond is dropped, and DOVE reaches out to catch it.

TV: "diarfa eros erew yeht dna, meht nopu emac droL eht fo legna eht, ol dnA .thgin yb kcolf rieht revo hctaw gnipeek, dleif eht ni gnidiba sdrehpehs yrtnuoc emas eht ni erew ereht dnA"

Panel 6- HAWK and ECLIPSO dive out of view toward the ground, while DOVE smashes the Black Diamond in his palm with his fist, releasing a cloud of black sparking dust.

TV: "...esaelp, sthgiL..." be continued...

(Backwards quotes from Linus Van Pelt's monologue in A Charlie Brown Christmas...and Merry Christmas to Thoughtballooners everywhere!)

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