Monday, December 29, 2014

Parker - Loose Lips - Grant McLaughlin

Simple layout.  Row one is made up of panel 1 and is the biggest row / panel on the page, establishing the scene.  Row two is made up of panel 2, but it is thin and long.  Row three is made up of the remaining panels, all of equal width.

1 - Wide shot.  Parker is on a cruise ship, leaning on a railing and looking over the water.  He wears some stereotypical cruising stuff - Hawaiian shirt, khakis, etc.  A staff member of the ship walks by (wearing a uniform of some variety).

CAPTION: Losing his inside man complicated things.

2 - Closer in on Parker.  His eyes are narrowed and he tracks the staff member as they head into a doorway on the boat (if you think it's necessary, you can have a partly seen "Staff Only" sign partially visible on the door).

CAPTION: But there was an obvious solution to that problem.

3 - Parker heads into the door after the staff member.

CAPTION: Obvious.

4 - A shot of the closed door.


5 - Parker coming out of the door, wearing the staff member's uniform.

CAPTION: ...but not without its own complications.

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