Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Parker – A Simple Ultimatum - MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: PARKER is sitting at an outside café table, looking nonchelante. An empty drink glass sits on the table next to him.

SFX: (From PARKER’s phone ringing) beep-beep-beep!

Panel 2: PARKER has answered his phone.

PETERSON (1): (From phone) Mr. Parker. I believe you have something that belongs to me.

PARKER: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

PETERSON (2): (From phone) Then I suppose I don’t know about the poison that was in the drink you just finished.

Panel 3: Beat panel. PARKER looks at the empty glass next to him. He’s showing no external signs of a reaction, but internally he’s thinking ‘$#*^’.

Panel 4: Inside PETERSON’s office. We don’t get a full view of PETERSON himself, but rather it might focus on something else that gives us a picture of him without actually getting a good look at him as PETERSON talks to PARKER – the office is well-lit, no shadowy elements at all, and is located at the top of a skyscraper, giving a great view of the city around him.

PETERSON (1): Here’s the thing, Mr. Parker.

PETERSON (2): I like to think I’m a very law abiding individual. I even like to think that I manage to avoid legal but very morally questionable activities.

Panel 5: Back to PARKER as PETERSON continues to talk.

PETERSON (1): (From phone) Not like you, who feels its their right to take other peoples things because you’re good at it.

PETERSON (2): (From phone) When people like you, who are beyond what the law knows how to handle, decide to take what is rightfully mine, I’m willing to return the favor.

PETERSON (3): (From phone) I’m not interested in revenge, Mr. Parker. That never ends well.

PETERSON (4): (From phone) I just want you to return what’s mine.

Panel 6: PETERSON continues to talk.

PETERSON (1): (Phone) The poison will kill you in 24 hours.

PETERSON (2): (Phone) You have Twenty-One and a half.

PETERSON (3): (Phone) That’s because I need Two and a half to verify it’s real and ensure you can’t pull a fast one.

PETERSON (4): (Phone) You give me back my stuff, I give you the antidote, forgive you for your mistake, and forget this ever happened.

PETERSON (5): (Phone) If you don’t, you die, and then I spend as much money as I need to get it back from your dead, rotting corpse.


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