Saturday, December 13, 2014

$#x Criminals - The Madding Crowd, Part "G" - R.A. Wonsowski

I dunno...parental advisory at the top? Anyway...this script is Travis's fault, like, 20 times...

Panel 1- Running down the nighttime city streets, among the panicking crowds, JON is running towards us, just about to pass a Starbucks. He's on his cell phone, a look of fear upon his face. In the crimson sky we see the Madness Gate opened in front of the full moon, the Spider-God breaching, surrounded by tiny black dots (the other hellspiders swarming beside).

JON: C'mon Suze pick up....
(Off-Panel): Oy! Jon Johnson!

Panel 2- JON pulls up short at the sound of his name, lowering his phone. Leaning against the Starbucks window (covering the "tarb" of the logo), holding a branded to-go cup with a tea-bag tag hanging out from under the lid and smoking a cigarette, is WILLIAM GRAVEL.

JON: Do I know you?
GRAVEL: No, but I know you, son. And I know what you've been up to.
GRAVEL: More to the point, I know how you do what you been up to.

Panel 3- Same POV as Panel 2. JON looks like he's about to cut and run. GRAVEL sidearms the tea nonchalantly into the face of a passing panicker as he sucks a drag off his smoke.

JON: Oh, jeez, I...
GRAVEL: For Chrissakes, I'm not gonna clap irons on. In fact, I need you to step up your game.

Panel 4- JON tries to get away, looking a little skeeved out, expression of "eww" on his face, but GRAVEL has a firm grip on his arm, preventing him from escaping into the crowd.

JOB: Look, mister...
GRAVEL: Shut it, mate! Listen and learn!
GRAVEL: I know how you stop time. I need you to pull a Chris Reeve and make it go backwards.

Panel 5- GRAVEL has his hand in that Spider-Man "thwip" position, but he's holding it waist high, index and pinky pointing down, and wrist bent back, palm toward JON. GRAVEL is pointing at it with his cig. His expression should be slightly smarmy, a dirty-ol-man grin, while JON should be skeptical, one eyebrow arched.

JON: And how...
GRAVEL: Got the idea from this whole spider-verse-incursion thing. And Sarah Jane. It'll curl your girlie's toes. First you make like this with your fingers, right, then you...

Panel 6- Very squirty, wet, liquid looking panel, suggestion of Suze in an "o" without showing (abstract and fluid). Whole panel translucent transparence except for text.

CAPTION: Later...
SUZE: YES!! be continunitnoc eb ot...

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