Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sex Criminals - Out to Brunch - Grant McLaughlin

In Sex Criminals' trademark 4x4 panel layout:
0012 (i.e. two spots for panel 10 and one for 11 and 12)

1 - Jon and Suzie swept up and lost in the sheets in the midst of having sex (with said sheets tastefully placed to maintain everyone's dignity).

CAPTION (SUZIE): In those early days, Jon and I were having sex pretty much constantly.

2 - Suzie and Jon sit at a table in a restaurant.  They're eating brunch (let's say Jon's having some variety of French toast, while Suzie has a classic bacon, toast, and eggs).  Jon is digging into his food, while Suzie sits partially turned on her chair, addressing the reader directly.

SUZIE: But if we ever managed to pull ourselves apart from our advanced face sucking for more than five minutes, we'd get brunch.

3 - Suzie's attention is distracted by a server walking by with a big tray of plates.

SUZIE: I've always loved brunch.

4 - The panel focus follows said tray, displaying a wealth of brunch plates and options.  There's eggs, pancakes, fruit, breakfast burritos, steak frites - really whatever floats your brunch boat.

CAPTION (SUZIE): There's just so many options to choose from.  So many ways to enjoy it and to share it with others.

5 - Back to Suzie and Jon.  Jon has some French toast on his fork and feeds it to Suzie (kind of suddenly).  It's very subtle, but the background starts to look a bit like things do when time stops (colours, faded, etc).

CAPTION (SUZIE): Maybe this sounds weird, but it can be kind of intimate, in its own way.

6 - Jon gives Suzie a winning smile.  Suzie smiles back bashfully.  The time stoppage effects are becoming a bit more obvious.

CAPTION (SUZIE): Well, it can be with the right person.

7 - Suzie reciprocates Jon's action, feeding him some bacon and eggs.  Things are getting close to looking like the time stoppage - the background is fading out almost completely.

CAPTION (SUZIE): And before I met Jon, it was the closest thing to The Quiet that I could share with anyone else.

8 - Get rid of the time stoppage effect completely.  Jon and Suzie are back in the restaurant with nothing amiss.  Their actions are a spiritual repetition of panel 6, with Suzie and Jon once again switching roles.  If they weren't clearly so into each other, it would be sickeningly sweet.

CAPTION (SUZIE): Time would never stop.

9 - Suzie moves to hold Jon's hand.  They smile at each other.

CAPTION (SUZIE): But a good brunch could slow it down a bit.

10 - Repeat panel 9.


11 - Still hand holding, Suzie looks surprised / like she's just thought of something.  She looks back at the reader.

SUZIE (1): Now where was I?

SUZIE (2): Oh, right...

12 - The traditional all caps white text on black background that Sex Criminals uses to switch scenes.


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