Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Spider-Verse – Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Spider-Bot – MK Stangeland Jr.

5 Panels

Panel 1: Opening panel featuring BEN URICH; this is a younger version who has the appearance of a quick-talking play-by-play sportscaster rather than a news reporter. He’s in a broadcasting booth that overlooks a battle arena.

The setup of the panel should give the idea that BEN URICH is looking at the reader, suggesting the idea that URICH is actually talking to them as one of several fans ‘watching’ the page as if rather than reading a comic book, they’re watching a major sporting event on TV. Completing this picture should be a title bar at the bottom of the panel with his name on it.

BEN URICH (1): And we’re back!

BEN URICH (2): I’m Ben Urich, and both myself and the Robot Combat League are glad to have you as we’re just about to kick off tonight’s headlining matchup!

Panel 2: A top-notch looking ‘Vs’ display, the likes of which you’ll often see when showing which two competitors are about to have a showdown in a 1v1 sports matchup.

On one side are pictures of PETER PARKER and SPIDER-BOT. We don’t see a full view of either here, as each is a profile shot designed to give the audience a quick visual reference while still making them look their best. This version of PETER PARKER looks full of self-confidence, even though he still wears glasses. These glasses shouldn’t give off the idea of ‘nerd’, but rather ‘hip’ and ‘cutting edge’.

SPIDER-BOT has an arachnid-like design, but with a single body section topped off by a head and with claws on each of its eight arms. It features the traditional SPIDER-MAN color scheme, and overall should come off as a mix of sleek and cool with a touch of cute – it should be robot you’re able to love, root for, and emphasize with on first sight.

On the other side are pictures of EDDIE BROCK and VENOM. EDDIE BROCK looks like a professional who doesn’t have a grudge with PARKER so much as something to prove. VENOM is a hunched-over biped robot. The overall look should come off as a walking tank by way of stealth bomber.

BEN URICH (1): It’s the “Amazing” Peter Parker and his fan-favorite SPIDER-BOT taking on surprising newcomer Eddie Brock and VENOM!

BEN URICH (2): But what’s most exciting about this showdown isn’t who’s fighting, but why!

Panel 3: Flashback panel showing EDDIE BROCK in the same broadcasting booth that BEN URICH occupies in the present. He’s in the midst of casting an unseen fight, and he’s really into it himself.

BEN URICH: As I’m sure we all remember, it was just last year that Eddie Brock occupied this very seat!

Panel 4: Flashback panel as SPIDER-BOT is in the midst of an exciting fight against OCTOPOD, a robot controlled by an unseen version of OTTO OCTAVIUS.

The area, or what we can see of it, should have a balanced mix of open area and elevated terrain features, at least prior to when a fight begins and the robots have at it.

Aside from being reminiscent of DOCTOR OCTOPUS, the OCTOPOD should consist of two primary sphere body sections connected by a short, thick, central cone. Each sphere has a set of sensors and a pair of heavy, sturdy limbs while the middle section is surrounded by four arms that look similar to the four extra robot arms that DOCTOR OCTOPUS normally wears.


BEN URICH (2): That infamous season where rookie Bot-Jockey Parker beat the odds and defeated reigning champ Otto “Doc Ock” Octavius’ infamous OCTOPOD!

Panel 5: Flashback with another panel of EDDIE BROCK in the broadcast booth.

BEN URICH (1): It was not a victory without controversy, however!

BEN URICH (2): Especially after Eddie Brock challenged the validity of Parker’s victory on air and declared that he himself could trump the Spider-Bot if given the right opportunity!


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  1. There is so much to love and celebrate this page for: the thrill of the competition, the joy of nerd-awesomeness, and the way you communicate a terse design sense of the robots while giving just enough room for an artist to breathe. The whole conflict revolving around robot fights had me sold from the get-go. However, panel 5 left me flat as a page-ender. Probably would've made a better opening panel for the next page. All in all, impressive set-up for a whole bag full of cool, MK...


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